Cape Town Tourism hosts Career Workshop at Hout Bay High School

Cape Town Tourism hosts Career Workshop at Hout Bay High School

Cape Town Tourism Leads the Way

Cape Town Tourism hosted a “Schools Program ” as part of their career workshops to Hout Bay High School on the 3rd & 4th November 2021. The program was targeted to Grades 10 & 11 students as part of their career workshops. Hout Bay Tourism Connect was part of the discussion panel.  We shared our insights on why tourism is an excellent industry for students to enter into.

Professionals across the tourism sector participated.  Discussion topics included the changes in tourism, as a result of the pandemic.

Hout Bay High School Cape Town Tourism

Our contribution as HBTC was to inform these students of the “low hanging fruits” that tourism creates. As residents of Hout Bay, discussions centered on how the tourism sector can help build sustainability.  Sustainability for the community, the economy, and environment.

Students discovered there are various sectors and specialties available within tourism. Students agreed they have experienced many of the “gems” that define Hout Bay as a sought-after destination.

Discussions covered the evolving and maturing visitor coming out of the pandemic.   Insights of how visitors choose experiences and destinations that are enriching. Visitors are moving away from the mass “cookie-cutter tours.” Personalized and custom services create a new and fantastic opportunity as this next generation enters into tourism.

Customer Service

We emphasized the importance of understanding your customer.  Students learned the career options into the industry.  Training and education were stressed as a gateway for this career.


In an era where voluntourism is growing, we encouraged students to embrace these opportunities. To learn more about these experiences will enable them make decisions on their pursuit of a career in tourism.

The response was very positive.  Our students have pride in our destination, and many indicate that they would be open to selecting this career path.

We covered the United Nationals Sustainability Development Goals. And how the relevance our industry is playing in Climate Change and how as the next generation,  they can positively impact sustainability by choosing careers that make a difference to save our planet.

A big thank you to Cape Town Tourism for including us!

Hout Bay High School Cape Town Tourism