Culture and Vision - Denis Goldberg

Culture and Vision – Denis Goldberg

Coastal Culture and Arts

The culture and arts of the seaside escape of Hout Bay reveal the influence of one man’s impact and vision. Denis Goldberg. His name and story are iconic with the anti-apartheid movement and his sentence to life imprisonment with Nelson Mandela.

Denis’s humanity, warmth, and living out of “ubuntu” or ‘humanity to others, and the belief everyone should be treated with respect. He brought laughter throughout his life. After his release from prison, he made Hout Bay his home.

Denis loved young people

His vision holds opportunities for young people still today. His home, is a thriving hub of culture, the arts, and education for the young people of Hout Bay. Denis Goldberg’s House of Hope is an innovative arts and culture education centre.  In addition, the House of Hope exhibits over 200 paintings and artefacts collected over his life,

Inspiration through culture

House of Hope offers art, dance, music, and other activities for children and youth from Hout Bay and its surroundings. It houses an exhibition on Denis’s life and the colourful art collection he built over the years.

Denis’s idea to have a centre that constitutes proof of his faith in arts education as a fundamental element in children of all ages. He believed the future of Hout Bay lies with the children and youth engaging together in art, dance, music, and other cultural activities.

Come visit 

We invite you to visit the House of Hope and explore for yourself the legacy, culture, and arts of Hout Bay.