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Hout Bay Tourism Connect is excited about this opportunity to chat with you at Hout Bay High School. We look forward to sharing a bit about tourism here in Hout Bay and answer any questions that you may have.  Below are a few points we will discuss today.

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At Discover Hout Bay we want to Ignite Your Passion

Topics we are covering today include:

  • Discover Hout Bay’s role in the value chain.
    • HBTC brings together businesses and the community to provide unique authentic visitor experience. We provide a “birds eye “ view of Hout Bay and provide value insights and updates of what the destination has to offer to our target markets and strategic partners, helping to draw awareness for the destination and build demand.

  • What makes our work valuable to to the destination?
    • We play a critical role in connecting all the relevant stakeholders in the tourism value chain.

      HBTC mandate is to promote and position destination Hout Bay among our target markets. Our business model is building sustainability for the 3 pillars in our destination  – community, economy (tourism being the main generator to the economy of Hout Bay) and environment which will ultimately be aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Some of the biggest or best lessons learned through the years.
    • Getting businesses to collaborate more , especially in light of the challenges that the pandemic has brought, many businesses have been challenged with surviving and hence are reluctant to support and participant in more medium terms and long term initiatives.

  • If I could go back, what would I change?
    • Changing or adapting the business model so that businesses can focus on how they build customer loyalty as well as establishing systems and processes that collate data generated by customers.

    • Please explain.
      • DMC vs DMO  – Destination Marketing Company – executes the strategic marketing plan as well develops and manages various campaigns/initiatives to promote and position the destination favourably
      • Destination Marketing Organisation – acts as a tourism bureau and brings in programs into the destination
      • Standard Tour Operator rates – which are rates given to tour operators and booking agents  ( Commissions are generally paid to the operators ) STO rates.
      • FIT vs Groups
        • FIT – Free Independent Traveller generally seek more authentic experiences and do not follow strict itineraries
        • Groups are more traditional in their approach , generally utilize the services of tour operators
  • What qualifications does one need to become a tour operator?

    • Theta qualifications are required to be a tour guide

  • How seasonality effect travel bookings.
    • Visitors to Hout Bay are highest in the summer months which are peak season. Hout Bay attracts both large numbers of domestic and international visitors.  “Swallows” is another trend with many Europeans making Hout Bay their home during this seasonal trend.
  • Where the tourists who visit South Africa come from?
    • UK🇬🇧, Germany🇩🇪  and most of the European countries are the largest share . There is also an increase of visitors from the USA 🇺🇸, China 🇨🇳, Russia 🇷🇺and India 🇮🇳.


  • What are the challenges you face in terms of supplying transport to tourists?
    • Visitors are encouraged to make use of a hired vehicle service or dedicated tour operators.


  • What affects the choice of accommodation | hotel, guest house, B&B, etc.?
    • Price and then the unique needs of the visitor . Hout Bay offers a wide range of facilities catering for a very diverse market.
  • How do you manage difficult guests?
    • The customer is always right, in tourism being customer centric is critical.

Attractions and activities

  • What type of tourist books adventure?
    • Many tourists enjoy the water adventures ( seal island trip and for the more adventurous , seal snorkeling /kayaking )🦭 Other experiences in Hout Bay are usually visits to World of Birds and Chapmans Peak Drive

  • How do you market to break stereotypes of certain people doing certain activities?
    • HBTC raises awareness of the wide range of experiences in the destination – 6 categories of experiences is listed on our website. We provide various sample itineraries on our digital platforms as well as implement a number of campaigns that highlight the unique experiences in the destination

  • How cultural attractions enhance tourist experiences?
    • Tourists are always interested in learning about the culture and history of the destination, this helps to provide that authentic experience  and gives them an opportunity to experience the destination as a “local.”