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Nap Living

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With the prevalence of trendy and sophisticated ‘lifestyle’ store, the eye-catching¬†NAP Living, what was once just an alluring store catering for the residents of seaside Hout Bay.

Nap Living Creator + Founder CARINA MARESCIA

“I have an endless crush on all things BLACK and WHITE ; and shades thereof. Simple and honest materials; be it in what we choose for our living space, and what we wear. Or what we give to the special people in our lives. And in so doing creating a base to then layer with natural earth tones and raw textures. Bringing about a sense of peace, even a sense of ease and flow allowing our human energy. A vibrance to be the colour in our worlds.”
Furthermore, they continue to focus on customer service, customer relations, and bettering Nap’s products.¬† Originally the intention was to supply customers with candles and bed linens. Nap has become a store filled with all things enticing, charming, and majestic through simply taking the shape of its own. Marescia classifies Hout Bay’s Nap as “the perfect GIFT store.” Now, you can find creations ranging from exquisite jewellery to fine home decor furnishings. Follow them on Instragram