Creatures of Hout Bay Harbour

Creatures of Hout Bay Harbour

Making a splash in Hout Bay

Chris Hames is a marine zoologist who has become deeply involved with Hout Bay and the environment. He is a director and COO of BlueBay2030, an Environmental Officer with the Hout Bay Yacht Club, and working closely with the Seal Rescue Centre. He is also an author and teacher and is keen to promote educational opportunities for youngsters to appreciate and care for the environment.

To keep Hout Bay harbour and beach as free as possible from pollutant materials, it is useful to measure the current situation in various ways to ascertain progress. Chris has begun to keep a photographic record of invertebrates living in the Bay. Some of these are regarded as ‘indicator species,’ reflecting a sustainable living environment for various life, so it is a positive start.

Beneath the Waves

Here are some examples, all except the isopod are living inside our harbour.

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