24 Hours in Hout Bay

24 Hours in Hout Bay

Thursday’s Top Ten

If you have 24 hours to spare, explore Hout Bay, where you can start the day with a coffee, end with a cocktail (or mocktail), and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets. here are our best recommendations of spending 24 hours in Hout Bay. 

Start the day

Start your day with a delicious brew at Sentinel Café, coffee for a cause, and the best spot for a coffee by the sea. All proceeds from this sale go to Sentinel Alliance’s incredible work for the Hout Bay community and protecting the ocean. Come early to catch the sunrise. Hout Bay beach. 

Morning adventures and creativity

While in Hout Bay, you must visit Seal Island (Duiker Island). Watch these Cape seals bask in the sun and relax on their island. Take in breathtaking scenery see Chapmans Peak. And be rocked by the gentle ocean waves aboard Drumbeat Charters.

Feel your inner artist, there’s no better place to unleash your creativity at Clay Cafe Hout Bay. Enjoy this wonderful experience in a relaxing setting with lush gardens and open spaces. The perfect experience to celebrate a special occasion or have a great day out.

Afternoon activities

Show some love for “Love in a Bowl .”Love is a Bowl is a remarkable collaborative initiative that grew out of the idea of ​​its founder Gordon Ashli​​man. Gordon and his Love in a Bowl grow organic vegetables to bring food security to vulnerable communities in Hout Bay. Show your support by purchasing these delicious veggies, or join their volunteer program and give some and spread the love.

The legendary Bay Harbour Market is a popular spot in Hout Bay. Enjoy the electric sounds, sights, and tastes of various unique market experiences. An ideal place to gather with friends. With so many interesting products and vendors to choose from, visiting this market will be an enjoyable experience. The newest addition is the Greenroom offering of information on the indigenous plants of Hout Bay as well the benefits of CBD. There is always something creative happening at 31 Harbour Road, a visit is sure to provide you with inspiration.

Be sure to visit the creative hub of Hout Bay at 31 Harbour Road. Experience the pinnacle of this creativity. Discover one-of-a-kind works and support the talented local artisans. In the spirit of all invention, a taste of craft beer and even craft gin is highly recommended.  The Sembach Gallery features many local artists exhibiting some of the most original work. Learn more about Intle Art, a non-profit organization that teaches underprivileged children basic art skills.

Afternoon pick-me up

Try one of Cape Town’s best coffees at Hout Bay Coffee. All roasts are made in small batches and hand-picked to capture the most refined aromas and flavors. Sip your coffee and find inspiration in lush gardens, or watch the comings and goings of our unique fishing village.

Let the kids run around

Earthworx, one of Hout Bay’s best-kept secrets, this nursery and garden center is set in its most idyllic setting, with a mountain backdrop. Take the kids with you and let them play in the magical enchanted forest. Enjoy a light snack at the Nutmeg farmstall on site. With an abundance of plants and gift ideas, you won’t be disappointed.


A walk along the Hout Bay beach can be both relaxing and refreshing. This beautiful white sand beach stretches for a kilometer. The bay is calm and perfect for swimming. With stunning views of Chapman’s Peak on one side and Sentinel Peak on the other, it creates an idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Unwind from your day

Finally, end the day at The Beach Bar, a trendy cocktail bar with one of their signature cocktails, and watch the magnificent sunsets. The beach bar has a relaxed vibe and the music is matched to the décor, the crowd, and the atmosphere. The food is indulgent while being unpretentious.