Eyethu Skatepark

Eyethu Skatepark

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The Eyethu Skatepark is a fantastic community skatepark for underprivileged kids in Hout Bay and the entire community.

Eyethu is a Nguni word that means ‘ours’. It highlights the spirit of the initiative which is one of togetherness and shared ownership and partnership.

The skate park at the Hout Bay Sports Ground is a ideal for both community use and youth.  The Park is in the centre of Hout Bay.  People can share and experience common interests through skating and other activities.

The driving force behind this community project is the Hout Bay Rotary Club. The skatepark built at the new Hout Bay sports field is a much needed community space for the youth of Hout Bay. The park encompasses an area of about 900 square meters and will includes various areas that are suitable for different skill levels. The design also provides a netball court and spectators lounge area.