World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary & Monkey Park

World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary & Monkey Park

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Experience one of the few large bird parks in the world.

The World of Birds Wildlife Sanctuary & Monkey Park has over 3,000 birds and small animals.  The park is a must see!  You can see over 400 different species,  in over 100 spacious landscaped walk-through aviaries. So, you have an up-close and personal experience. Hout Bay Valley is a tropical garden setting. An ideal environment for the aviaries. Table Mountain, the Twelve Apostles, Constantiaberg, Chapman’s Peak, and Little Lion’s Head surrounds the four-hectare park. A paradise for nature lovers and photographers. The World of Birds is one of Cape Town’s premier tourist attractions, which no visitor should miss. Stroll the park through spacious landscaped walk-through aviaries. See over 3,000 birds and small animals totaling over 400 different species. There are many different tortoises, blue-tongued skinks, and other mammals living in a World of Birds. We have thirty-eight of these attractive, agile, and highly inquisitive New World monkeys. The monkeys are mischievous and quick, so keep your belongings are safely in a bag! The wildlife sanctuary also serves as a hospital, orphanage, and breeding centre, caring for injured birds and animals and breeding many bird and animal species behind the scenes. Some threatened species successfully bred include our national bird, the Blue Crane, the Bald Ibis, the NeNe or Hawaiian Goose, and several rare South American Marmosets and Tamarins. Over the last 35 years, we have cared for over 40,000 birds and animals with no support from outside organizations. Plan your visit today.